On March 21, 2014 over 325 junior and senior high school students from the Kitsap Peninsula will gathered at Olympic College to educate one another and celebrate the human rights of all students.



Kitsap County Council for Human Rights
Olympic College
Kitsap Safe Schools Network
Bainbridge Schools
Bremerton Schools
Central Kitsap Schools
North Kitsap Schools
North Mason Schools
South Kitsap Schools


2014 Host

Bremerton School District

  2014 Theme

Voices of the World

  2014 Slogan

All are human, different, have a voice


Who attends

7th-12th graders interested in human rights


What happens

Student presentations and workshops, music and art, lunch


No student cost.  Districts pay for transportation and staff accompanying students.  Let us know if your district needs help with transportation costs -