CJ’s in Port Gamble brings old-fashioned customer service to forefront

For years the residents around Evergreen Park longed for a store that catered to their needs in a family-friendly environment. That’s where Cynthia Jeffries-Cyr came in last April when she opened CJ’s Evergreen General Store at 1417 Park Ave.

Entertainment Northwest provides a full party experience

KINGSTON — On one of the most important days of one’s life — namely the wedding day — the last thing anyone wants to worry about is whether the music will fall flat. That’s where Indianola resident Ed Waterman, his Kingston business Entertainment Northwest and his ranks of disc jockeys and party planner specialists step in. He has an arsenal of knowledgeable employees, different musicians and entertainers for any classy occasion.

Kitsap Martial Arts kicks fitness fun into high gear

POULSBO — When Kitsap Martial Arts and Family Fitness owner Mark Barabasz walks into an average gym, it bums him out. Runners huffing, machines bleeping and the hurried pace of fitness fanatics wanting to complete their day’s activity quota isn’t the way he thinks it should be. “Nobody’s smiling, nobody’s having any fun,” he said.

See ‘em travel from Hansville

HANSVILLE — Traveling in a post-Sept. 11 world has become increasingly frustrating and tricky as the list of what travelers can’t bring on the plane grows long, and waits grow even longer. But Hansville travel agent Neal Kellner said the plane trips and travel itself is why he loves his job so much, and he’s working hard to help people rediscover the joy of vacations.

Peninsula Mobile Vet Clinic cruises toward first anniversary

POULSBO — Forget the Batmobile and the Mystery Machine. Kitsap pets and pet owners need fear no more, because there’s a new ride in town, and it’s tricked out with something better than sweet rims and a fancy music system.

Massage therapist hopes to relax human spirit

KINGSTON — The first time he experienced a massage at age 17, Kingston resident Dennis Pryor said he didn’t want to do anything else but that. Now, almost 25 years later, he is continuing toward his goal of rejuvenating the masses with an office in Kingston and his four-month old business, Wakufu Massage Therapy.

Looking for the perfect fit

POULSBO — Poulsbo Running’s Chris and Brooke Hammett are putting their best shoe forward as they work to fit Poulsbo with all its fitness needs. From beginners to the advanced, the specialty sporting goods store is calling all active people to find just what they’ve been looking for.

Lynn’s Kitchen cooking up Philippine cuisine in Little Norway

Lynn’s Kitchen cooking up Philippine cuisine in Little Norway

POULSBO — After 36 years of dreaming, John and Merlyn Schermerhorn have finally been able to put the plan of running their own restaurant into action. With Merlyn’s knowledge of Filipino food and their combined creativity, Lynn’s Kitchen has been filling watering mouths since it opened in November 2006.

Lynn’s Kitchen cooking up Philippine cuisine in Little Norway

Advanced Flooring offers Kingston the world

KINGSTON — To someone who has worked construction for 14 years, taking over a flooring company could easily seem like the next basic step. For Advanced Flooring owner Heath Dawson, it was. “I figured it was a good opportunity to try it out and see if we could make some happy customers,” he said. “There weren’t a lot of places to get certain specific products. It’s starting out slow, but so far everybody’s been happy.”

Harmony by the Bay offers North End more history

PORT GAMBLE — As a light breeze carries the scent of saltwater through one of Port Gamble’s historical houses, sunlight glints off the different treasures shop owner Katherine Klint has collected over the years and is now offering to shoppers in her new store Harmony by the Bay.

Small town, big business

Small town, big business

POULSBO — It may not be over yet, but this summer is already going much better than last summer for Jason Parson — that is, as long as no more cars crash through the front window of his business. It’s been only a year since thieves drove a stolen Toyota truck into Poulsbo Audio Video Integration, but the damage they left behind has been all but erased.

Small town, big business

The Artful Ewe weaves a community tapestry

PORT GAMBLE — As soon as customers step into her store, Heidi Parra knows she’s got something special. Each facial expression is different, but all reflect admiration for her hard work displayed at The Artful Ewe. And once the customers look beyond the brightly colored yarn and sweet-smelling wool, they see Parra is trying to weave something special in the Port Gamble community with her new fibers shop.

Calling all casters

POULSBO — For flyfishing enthusiasts wondering where the nearest fly shop is in the North End, look no further than Poulsbo Village, where Bill Drewry and his team of professionals can be found at Peninsula Outfitters. The shop is nestled between the Poulsbo Florist and Mike’s Carwash and has been busy since March when Drewry bought the store from Richard Stoll.

Customer-based cleaning

POULSBO — Whether it’s something as simple as pressing a pair of pants or as complex as tidying up a set of vintage drapes, Kwon H. and Jeom S. Kim get the job done. The owners of Bella Cleaners in College Marketplace make customer satisfaction their priority as they near their first anniversary of business after opening in September 2006. “Our No. 1 goal is customer satisfaction,” Kwon Kim said. “We want to make sure the customer gets what they want.”

Local artist carves out Northwest Coast gallery

KINGSTON — Northwest Coastal master carver David Boxley has made another notch in a long list of accomplishments — including carving 65 totem poles in 26 years — by opening his own art gallery to showcase his family’s talents.

Cafe brings organic offerings to Kingston

KINGSTON — Jennifer Salazar has lived in Kingston for 10 years, and during that time, she has been waiting for the nirvana of an organic restaurant. It never materialized. So she opened her own. Seeing the opportunity to rent one of the newly constructed units on State Route 104 near the ferry terminal, she’s spent the last month since opening the Garden Cafe and Juice Bar settling into her niche.

Windsor chairs add British touch to business

SUQUAMISH — Woodworking as been a part of Ben Dykstra’s life since almost before he can remember. As the son of a staircase maker, it’s no wonder he became fascinated by a different way to put wood together — namely furniture and Windsor chairs. If the entertainment centers, cabinets and other wooden creations he fashions make up the ice cream of his income, the Windsor chairs are the cherry on top, the reason he loves his job. The chairs alone won’t bring in enough for his business to stay afloat, but they are certainly his favorite part of it.

A thread through time

POULSBO — Tucked neatly in a corner overlooking the Cat’s Meow antique mall in the heart of Little Norway, Margaret Foster has opened her treasure chest of vintage fabrics and textiles to the public. From late 1800s lace doilies to 1950s atomic design fabrics, Foster places a special emphasis on vintage style.

Apollo Massage eases into Poulsbo

POULSBO — After a long, stress-filled day at the office, all many people would like to do is lay back, let someone else handle everything and relax. Nancy and Brian Koontz can’t say they’ll take care of “everything,” but they will help with the relaxation part with their new business, Apollo Massage.

Fresh food fantasies

POULSBO — Oven roasted pork with garlic mashed potatoes or Santa Fe chicken fajitas might seem like too much to ask for dinner at the end of a hectic work day, but Tony and Lori Durham make it a breeze. As the owners of Dream Dinners on Viking Avenue, the Durhams specialize in helping customers who want nutritious meals without the hassle of hours of preparation.