Aerial image of Royal Valley Farm and area of rezone. Courtesy photos

Kitsap OKs law to downzone 14 parcels of Royal Valley Farm

Kitsap County commissioners approved an ordinance Monday to downzone 14 parcels south of Keyport to preserve the natural environment and critical areas. It also makes… Continue reading


It can be a bit alarming to have a goat on your shoulders all of a sudden, but that is part of the draw for the Smithshyre Farm’s goat yoga classes. Ken Park / Kitsap News Group

Poulsbo farm jumps in on the goat yoga craze

The Smithshyre farm on Foss Road near Poulsbo is perhaps best known for offering organic farm fresh foods, but now the farm is bringing a… Continue reading


Pictured are the recently-born quintuplet goats at Smithshyre Farms. (Tyler Shuey/Kitsap News Group)

Smithshyre Farm finding new ways to market food

Tillers of the soil living on a Foss Road farm that goes back to the turn of the 19th century are now exploring new ways to market their food.