2022’s Best CBD Flowers: CBD Brands For Top Shelf Hemp CBD Flower Strains

It’s no secret that CBD products are all the rage right now, thanks to the growing awareness among people of all ages concerning the number of benefits these can provide. However, as is the case with all things popular, reviews on the best CBD products available today are rather conflicting and, more often than not – unreliable.

Since there are so many new brands in the THC industry producing a host of CBD products, it has become increasingly difficult for the average consumer to glean which of these brands merit their trust. After all, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of using CBD, to begin with, so knowing which CBD companies are safe is a step in the right direction for most users.

Lately, more and more consumers are flocking towards the best CBD flowers for the many recreational and medicinal benefits they offer. However, as mentioned above, consumers are often at a loss of which brands they can trust to purchase such products from. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of product reviews for the top brands that are currently producing CBD flowers.

After careful research, all of these brands have been chosen, which is why you’re sure to find the quality of their products to be more than satisfactory.

Best 5 Best CBD Flower In 2022

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Flower Strains, Editor’s Choice
  2. BudPop: Strongest Hybrid Indica CBD Hemp Flower
  3. Cheef Botanicals: Best Flavor Of Weed Strains
  4. Hollyweed: Top Shelf Hemp Strains With Full Spectrum Terpenes

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Flower Strains, Editor’s Choice


Exhale Wellness is such a widely recognized brand that it almost needs no introduction. Being among the industry leaders in the world of THC, this brand has gone from strength to strength over the years since its inception and has proven itself to be worthy of the praise it has garnered. This company currently produces everything from hemp oils and flowers to creams and more.

Out of the many brands we’ve come across online, we found Exhale Wellness to be one of those brands that received overwhelmingly positive reviews. However, you’d have to note here that the CBD flowers produced by this brand don’t exactly come cheap. Considering this brand is very particular about the quality of its products, though, we’d say that the hefty price tag isn’t altogether unreasonable.

Besides, these CBD flowers have a wider appeal since they’re gluten-free. This makes them very attractive to those users who are either allergic to gluten or hesitant to increase their daily gluten intake due to digestive issues. Either way, the fact that it’s gluten-free and made using only environment-friendly practices has impressed users for years now.

Users tend to prefer this brand over others despite its steep price tags because it is known to have great benefits from those who suffer from chronic pain. Now, the brand itself doesn’t market these products as being replacements for traditional medication. However, scores of users continue to claim that the CBD hemp flowers produced by this company have made it easier for them to deal with certain ailments that cause severe chronic pain.

Moreover, the wide variety of flavors and strains offered by the brand has captured the imagination of users from all walks of life. In other words, there’s something for everyone here, if they’re willing to pay a little extra for it, of course. Another reason why this product is unusually expensive is that the ingredients contained in it are all organic and sourced from reliable producers.

The quality of these ingredients determines how effective the flowers will be, which explains the high quality of these CBD flowers. This product also comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.


Exhale Wellness CBD flowers are great because of the following reasons:

  • Easy Shopping

The brand’s official website is uncluttered and well-designed, allowing users to navigate it quickly and easily. This helps save time and can lead to speedy purchases by users on the site. Even the terms and conditions related to shipping, and more are readily available on the site with just a few clicks. Additional information regarding CBD usage is elaborated on here as well.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Several users have claimed over the years that this brand’s customer support services are top-notch and worthy of mention. The customer support agents that work with the brand are both knowledgeable and approachable, which helps customers resolve any queries and grievances quickly. There are various ways to contact their customer support, and you only need to log on to the brand’s website to access the same.

  • Organic Ingredients

Since an increasing number of consumers are now growing conscious of the quality of lifestyle they’re following; it makes sense that reputed brands are offering healthy solutions to satisfy their needs. The CBD flowers produced by this brand are the perfect example of the same as they contain only raw organic ingredients. Therefore, users needn’t expect any significant side effects from these flowers, the likes of which are generally associated with artificial additives.


  • The brand offers one of the largest varieties of CBD products in the market today.
  • No artificial additives or gluten is used in the making of this product
  • The customer support services offered by the brand are highly lauded and appreciated
  • The brand’s website is very easy to access and navigate
  • The company offers users a 45-days money-back guarantee if they’re not satisfied with their purchase


  • This CBD flower is significantly costlier than those produced by other popular brands.
  • The brand could provide more information on its manufacturing processes online.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop: Strongest Hybrid Indica CBD Hemp Flower


BudPop is one of the newest and most innovative CBD brands to have entered the industry. One look at the brand’s official website, and you’ll know that this company is all about providing a fun CBD experience for users. BudPop has made quite a splash in the THC market of late with its innovative formulas and creative solutions for anxiety and other similar conditions.

This company is known to make good use of natural terpenes and vegan ingredients for its products. Therefore, it’s safe to say that BudPop has a wide appeal among users of all preferences. Moreover, even though this brand is relatively new, it doesn’t slack off on the transparency front as it publishes all of its third-party test results online for tentative CBD users to have a good look at before they decide to trust these products.

BudPop products are also known to be gluten-free and non-GMO, which means that they cater to users following a host of different lifestyles. The CBD flowers produced by this brand are currently available in 2 flavors: Sour Diesel and Northern Lights. Since Sour Diesel happens to be a hugely popular CBD flower flavor anyway, Northern Lights seems to be the real showstopper here in terms of innovation.

This Indica-dominant strain is infused with pure Delta-8 extract as opposed to being sprayed with it like most CBD flowers are. This is what gives the flowers such a strong flavor profile and allows users to make the most of the many benefits that CBD has to offer. Besides, these flowers are lab-tested and found to be safe and legal.

These flowers are available in a host of sizes ranging from 4.2 g to 454 g. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for more CBD than you’d like to try out with BudPop. You can simply sample a smaller size first. Another way in which you can save money here is by purchasing a subscription with the brand and receiving a discount of 25% on your purchases.

CBD flowers produced by BudPop are known to help users relax their minds and muscles. In doing so, it can also help relieve the effects of pain and stress on the body. One of the most striking features of both these flavors of CBD hemp flowers is their aroma. The strong, fragrant aroma coupled with the efficacy of the organically sourced makes for a winning combination here.

Moreover, you can choose to smoke these flowers any way you’d like, thanks to their versatility. The hemp is 100% naturally grown, which will likely give you the best possible experience from smoking it.


BudPop CBD flowers are great because of the following reasons:

  • Strong Flavor Profiles

Both the Sour Diesel and the Northern Lights flavors have sharp yet soothing flavor profiles that allow users to enjoy their smoking experience. However, these flavors aren’t so strong as to overpower the natural flavor and aroma of pure hemp, which is something most seasoned CBD users look for in flowers.

  • Stress Relief

Some CBD flowers help users relax their minds while others let them relax their bodies. BudPop’s CBD flowers manage to achieve both. With the help of these flowers, users are known to find their anxiety ebbing away slowly while the tension leaves their muscles. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that these flavors are among the best in the market for overall stress relief.

  • Variety Of Sizes

More often than not, new users find CBD flowers to be expensive because brands only offer standard sizes at high prices. This isn’t the case with BudPop, which allows users to choose from no less than 6 pack sizes priced quite reasonably. This doesn’t only help save on costs but also lets users sample each flavor first before they decide which one they’d like to use regularly.

  • Good Quantity Of CBD

BudPop flowers are among the best in the market because they contain more pure CBD than most other flowers do. No less than 20.73% of CBD is contained in these flowers, which is what gives them that aromatic, earthy profile. Moreover, since these flowers have such a great quantity of natural CBD, you can trust them to be as effective as the brand claims they are.


  • Available in a variety of sizes which makes for a convenient shopping experience
  • Only 100% natural grown hemp is used in the formula, which adds to its efficacy
  • All products from the brand are third-party lab tested and produced in compliance with local regulations
  • The flowers are non-GMO and contain infused Delta-8 extract
  • The shipping options available on the purchase are among the fastest in the industry


  • Being a relatively new brand BudPop hasn’t garnered as many customer reviews as few other brands on this list

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop

#3. Cheef Botanicals: Best Flavor Of Cannabis Strains


Cheef Botanicals is a highly reputed brand and has been in the business for years now. Not only is this brand reliable and popular, but it’s also adept and keeping up with the rapidly changing trends in the CBD industry. The host of products that the brand is currently producing include buds, flowers, and much more.

The most impressive feature of this brand is the amount of pure CBD it uses in all of its CBD products. Since many other THC brands out there today use a large number of additives in their products, we’d say that this makes Cheef Botanicals an excellent value for money brand. One of the main reasons why its products are of the highest quality is because it only uses hemp obtained from local sources.

Farms across the USA are known to supply hemp that’s used in the production of these CBD flowers, which is what gives them that extra authentic flavor. Besides, using minimal additives in CBD flowers also works on reducing the number of side effects that they could cause. Customers that are accustomed to using the Cheef Botanicals CBD flowers rarely switch to other brands because they enjoy the quality of hemp used in these flowers so much.

Another great advantage that Cheef Botanicals has over most of its competitors is that it offers customers over 20 flower strains. Such variety is not common among CBD brands, and it’s even rarer to find a CBD brand that can offer so many strains of flowers, with each being as popular as the other. Therefore, CBD users of all preferences are sure to find a strain here that they’re sure to enjoy consuming.

Also, all relevant information related to the shipping, return, and refund policies are readily available online on the brand’s official website. Information related to testing and lab results is available on the site as well.


Cheef Botanicals CBD flowers are great because of the following reasons:

  • Several Strain Varieties

With well over 20 CBD varieties to its name, it’s no surprise that the Cheef Botanicals CBD flower is such a popular pick among seasoned CBD users. After all, those who have been using (or plan to use) these flowers for a long time are bound to look for alternative flavors to satiate their hemp cravings.

  • Value For Money

While all the top CBD brands are known to produce high-quality CBD flowers that are also safe, not all of these brands sell these flowers for a price as low as Cheef Botanicals does. One of the many reasons why this brand has enjoyed immense popularity over the years despite facing fierce competition is that its products are very reasonably priced. This inevitably makes the brand more accessible to new and seasoned CBD users alike.

  • Lab Testing

We discussed in an earlier section how having its products tested by independent third-party labs is one of the many indicators that differentiate a reliable brand from its less reliable counterparts. After all, if a brand has nothing to hide, it should make its lab results available online for users to review, and this is exactly what Cheef Botanicals has done. All relevant information regarding testing, ingredients, and more is published on the brand’s official website.

  • Natural Hemp Sources

This brand isn’t dependent on artificial additives to make its products more effective. It relies only on natural hemp sources. The hemp sourced from organic farms across the U.S. is used in making these CBD flowers. This explains why advanced CBD users favor Cheef Botanicals over many other THC brands that are currently in the market.


  • Uses only the best hemp sourced from organic farms across the country
  • The hemp is processed into CBD flowers in clean and technologically advanced facilities
  • The testing results related to the CBD flowers is made available by the brand on its official website
  • The CBD flowers are available in no less than 20 varieties
  • All shipping and related policies are clearly outlined online


  • The flowers can be a little too potent for first-time CBD users.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals

#4. Hollyweed: Top Shelf Hemp Strains With Full Spectrum Terpenes


Hollyweed CBD brand started as a team of individuals committed to helping users improve their quality of life. Their dedication towards wellness allowed them to produce some of the best quality CBD strains that are available right now. All of the people involved with the setting up of this company were backed up by decades of experience working with medical CBD.

The products that this brand has come out with over the years are a reflection of the brand’s focus on harnessing the natural benefits of CBD. Another aspect that this company directed its efforts towards initially is the astounding lack of transparency and reliability in the THC market. Therefore, it ensured that it provided (and continues) users with all the relevant information they’d need to make an informed decision regarding their CBD purchases.

The CBD flowers that this brand produces are all non-GMO and contain less than the legally permissible amount of 0.3% THC. In addition, these flowers are grown organically and allow users to harness the powerful effects of CBD without suffering any adverse effects in the process. The flowers are available in no less than 10 flavors ranging from the famous Sour Diesel to the refreshingly innovative Cherry Wine.

These flavors are priced in much the same way, and those customers who choose to subscribe to the brand receive a 25% discount on each purchase.


Hollyweed CBD flowers are great because of the following reasons:

  • Quality Strains

While many brands offer nearly a dozen strains of CBD flowers, few of them can match up to the quality of flowers that Hollyweed has to offer. Their carefully curated selection of flowers has been known to satisfy the cravings and preferences of a diverse group of CBD users for years now.

  • Natural Hemp

These flowers are all grown organically in natural environments that play a significant role in determining the overall quality and efficacy of the produce. The natural hemp imparts an interesting dimension of flavor to these flowers and enhances their added flavors as well.

  • Host Of Benefits

The CBD flowers produced by Hollyweed offer users a host of health benefits keeping in line with the founders’ vision of creating a wellness brand. These flowers can help improve your digestion, appetite, mood, sleep, and so much more. In other words, you can rely on them to let you unwind and have a good time while they improve various bodily functions.


  • The flowers are easily affordable, especially with the subscription discount.
  • The strains are diverse and innovative.
  • The flowers offer various health benefits to users, including improving memory
  • There are little to no reported side effects from these flowers
  • The flowers are all non-GMO and organically grown


  • Some of these flavors aren’t as strong as the others, which may be disappointing for seasoned CBD users

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed

#5. Fab CBD

If you’re looking for CBD flowers to calm your anxiety or help you to kick back and relax, Fab CBD is the brand you should opt for. This simple formula has allowed scores of users to unwind at the end of the day and enjoy the soothing effects of CBD. Like Cheef Botanicals, Cannaflower too has a large variety of products that don’t cause too much of a dent in your pocket.

Even though Fab CBD isn’t as popular as a few other CBD brands that we’ve featured in this list, it’s still highly reputed and trusted among new CBD users. Considering new users are often hesitant to place their trust in brands that produce recreational drugs, we’d say this is a big win in and of itself. These CBD flowers are available in many varieties, the most popular of which seems to be Bubba Kush.

The strong yet soothing flavors used in this strain are known to help users feel instantly relaxed and at ease. In other words, CBD flowers from Fab CBD don’t necessarily make users feel high. Instead, they help them unwind at the end of a trying day or week. The best feature of this product is that even though it lets users relax, it doesn’t make them feel sleepy.

Therefore, it can be used during the day as well, and it’s unlikely to interfere significantly with your routine activities. While these flowers don’t contain too much CBD (somewhere around 15-16%), even advanced CBD users will find them effective enough. Smoking these flowers should leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed to tackle whatever comes your way during the day.

You’re unlikely to experience any major side effects with this product, which is a definite bonus as well. There are various flavors of CBD flowers available on the brand’s official website, and you can be sure that these flavors have been tested and found to be safe for consumption.


Fab CBD flowers are great because of the following reasons:

  • Reputation

Fab CBD is one of the handfuls of brands that you’ll find featured on nearly every list online that pertains to top CBD companies. This brand has strived to establish and maintain its reputation over the years by producing top-notch products that are safe for consumption and legal in states across the country.

  • Reliability

This brand can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with its many competitors mainly because it has earned the trust of users. It has managed to achieve this thanks to its transparency. You only need to take a glance online on Fab CBD official website to see that it has detailed all its extraction and production processes clearly for viewers to review as and when they like.

  • Thoroughness

Fab CBD is easily one of the most thorough brands we’ve come across in the CBD industry regarding cultivation and extraction processes. The CBD flowers sold by the brand are grown in meticulously controlled conditions so that only the highest quality organic produce reaches the consumer. The farms on which the hemp is grown are kept pest-free and conducive to healthy growth using organic pesticides and fertilizers.


  • It contains just the right amount of CBD that will satisfy both new and experienced users.
  • The flowers are grown under strict conditions in organic farms
  • It helps users relax and unwind with its soothing effects
  • It can be used anytime during the day or night
  • The brand is very transparent and open in its dealings


  • The brand is not as innovative with its flavors and production methods as the newer brands we’ve featured in this list.

List Of Best CBD Flower Strains: How We Made It

Before we get started on our product reviews, we thought we’d take you through the main criteria we based our evaluations on when compiling this list. This should help you understand the degree of research we put in to ensure only the most trustworthy brands made it to this list. Of course, the first thing we looked for was a brand’s popularity and its reputation.

As a general rule, the longer a CBD brand has been in the industry at the top of its game, the more reliable it probably will be. After all, if a brand was involved in shady dealings or produced sub-standard products, it’s highly unlikely that it would remain popular for years after its inception. Having said that, we must point out that it’s unreasonable to expect a CBD brand to have been in the industry for more than a few years since it was legalized fairly recently.

You’d even be surprised to note that some of the best CBD brands currently in the industry are among the newest to have entered the market. In such a scenario, the more accurate indicator of a brand’s quality is the kind of reviews it has garnered from customers. After all, customers have no real incentive to lie, so their reviews are more than likely to be both unbiased and surprisingly informative.

Therefore, we pored over dozens and dozens of customer reviews online to choose only those brands that have received more positive than negative feedback from genuine users. Customer reviews are especially useful because they give you a clearer picture of what you can expect from a certain product. Such reviews also give you an idea of the kind of side effects that you may experience from the product in question.

Next, we took into account whether or not a CBD company has its products tested by an independent third-party lab. If it has, then you can assume that it’s reliable. If it’s not, then you’d be better off with a company that is more conscious of how its products may affect consumers. The more reliable companies in the THC industry have the results of such tests published online for customers to review before they decide whether or not they’d like to trust the brand.

Lastly, we also considered the opinions and reviews of healthcare and lifestyle experts who weighed in on the factors determining CBD flowers’ quality.

Factors We Looked For:

It took us a considerable amount of time to come up with this list of top brands that produce CBD flowers.

While we took many factors into account during our selection process, the following could be considered the main factors:

  • The source of hemp is used to extract the CBD used in the flowers.
  • The efficacy of the products produced by the brands and how well these products delivered on the brands’ claims especially concerning chronic pain, anxiety, and other such conditions.
  • The reputation of the brand and the kind of customer reviews it has garnered over the years.
  • The amount of THC used in the products of each brand and whether or not it adhered to the legally permissible limit of 0.3%.
  • The kind of CBD used in the products – broad-spectrum, isolates, or full-spectrum.
  • The processes and procedures used to extract hemp for the flowers and whether or not they were manufactured in FDA-approved facilities.
  • The amount of information provided by each brand regarding ingredients contained in the product, dosage recommendations, etc.
  • Whether or not the brand made third-party lab reports and other such information readily available to customers on its official website.
  • How much relevant information does the brand provide to users on the effects of CBD, THC, and all the latest research about the same?

Now that you’re aware of the main factors that influenced our decision to include the following brands in our top picks for CBD flower producers, let’s go ahead and take a look at our detailed reviews.

Top Shelf Hemp Strains: Buying Guide

It can be more than a little intimidating to purchase CBD flowers online if you’ve had no experience with the same before. Smoking hemp flower has never been so fun.

After all, many people often experience adverse effects from using recreational drugs, especially when inhaled. So how do you know which brands you can trust?

While there’s no definitive answer to this, we can share with you some of the most reliable factors to bear in mind when purchasing CBD flowers online:

  • Ingredients:

    While the industrial hemp CBD flowers contain little more than hemp and infused flavor, it’s important to note how these flavors are infused and what they consist of. More often than not, brands that sell cheaper CBD flowers spray-on flavors rather than infuse them, which leads to a less satisfactory smoking experience. Also, you’ll have to ensure that the CBD flowers you opt for contain only natural ingredients as artificial ingredients could have some side effects.

  • Third-Party Testing:

    If a brand has its products tested by independent third-party labs and has made the results of these tests available online for the average user to view, you can assume that the brand is trustworthy. Such results typically contain all information on the ingredients used in the smokable hemp flower alongside the amount of THC they have.

  • THC Quantity:

    Ever since the manufacture and sale of CBD have been legalized, it has been specified by law that CBD products can contain only 0.3% or less THC. Therefore, whichever brand or CBD flowers you opt for, make sure they contain only this quantity of THC, or you are likely to get in trouble with local authorities. Besides, a brand that doesn’t adhere to these regulations is unlikely to be a reputable brand, so you’re better off staying away from it.

  • Hemp Source:

    The best CBD rich hemp flower are produced in local farms across the U.S. that use only organic fertilizers and pesticides. A seasoned THC user will instantly be able to tell whether the CBD flowers in question were grown locally or sourced from elsewhere; that’s how much difference the hemp source makes here.

  • Variety:

    Before you zero down on the cannabis flower you wish to try, do your research and learn the benefits and side effects of using broad-spectrum, full-spectrum CBD, and isolates. Since each of these varieties of CBD flower products differs in efficacy and more, making sure you know the difference between them is essential.

FAQs Regarding CBD Hemp Flower Strains

Let us now take a look at some of the many FAQs related to CBD flowers:

Q1 – Are CBD Flowers Expensive?

A. There is a common misconception among inexperienced users that CBD products such as flowers are expensive. Sure, some brands charge more than others. But this is mainly because their flowers are non-GMO and infused rather than sprayed with natural flavors. Besides, many of these brands offer attractive subscription offers that can help you save money in the long run.

Q2 – Is It Possible to Get High on CBD Flowers?

A. All things considered; you won’t get high on CBD flowers. These flowers are meant to help users relax by soothing their minds and body. They don’t inhibit your daily activities in any way. In some cases, users have found that using CBD flowers helped them focus better on the tasks at hand.

Besides, the legally permissible amount of 0.3% THC is so reasonably low that it’s very unlikely for users to get high by smoking these flowers. However, it’s always a good idea for new users to start with CBD flowers of lower potencies to avoid any potential side effects.

Q3 – Are CBD Flowers Legal?

A. With the introduction of the Farm Bill 3 years ago, CBD usage became legal, so you don’t have to worry about running afoul of the law if you purchase or use CBD flowers. However, you need to ensure that the flowers you’re purchasing contain only 0.3% of THC or less as only these products will be considered legal.

Since hemp plant are used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, it’s hardly surprising that many brands are now producing them. Unfortunately, not all of these brands are big on following the local laws and end up using additives and exceeding the specified THC level. Therefore, you must purchase CBD flowers only from highly reputed brands to stay in line with the law.

Conclusion: Benefit From Natural CBD Flowers

To conclude, the best CBD buds are among the most popular and effective CBD products available today, and for a good reason. These flowers are usually very reasonably priced, highly effective, and make for a delightful smoking experience. Since these flowers are available in a host of flavors and strains, there’s sure to be a little something for everyone here.

All the brands we’ve reviewed above have their flowers tested by third-party labs and use only the finest quality ingredients to flavor them. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that these brands can be trusted and are worth purchasing from. Besides, none of these brands quote unreasonably high prices, which makes them very accessible and boosts their appeal.

If you’re a new CBD user and wish to try out CBD flowers, make sure you bear the factors we’ve outlined in a previous section to decide which brand you can trust. In any case, we’ve done the homework for you and included only reliable brands in this list.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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