Psychic Readings – The Best Online Psychic Readings Services Of 2022

Get answers on love, career and life’s important questions with online psychic readings performed by trained and experienced psychic readers.

If someone says that life is not to be trifled with, they probably want to focus on the unpredictable nature of life. It is true for all people. Not even the most knowledgeable people can determine the course life takes with precision.

The unpredictability, especially concerning matters related to life, can cause worry. Many people fall prey to this unpredictability and find themselves unable to make the right decisions when the time calls for it. How can one rise from the cloud of unpredictability? Is there no way to make life a bit more predictable?

Well, no need to worry because some in this world know how to do away with the unpredictability of life! Even though it is not like they can lay each future occurrence before you, they can surely reflect upon the ways your life can take.

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Who are these people? How to find someone like that? How proficient are they? Can I talk to those people about any of my problems? Well, we understand that you have countless questions about the topic. And it is only normal because if someone can help you make your life predictable, even if it is just a bit, there is no harm in seeking such help.

Let us understand all these questions one at a time. So, the people who can help you remove the unpredictability in life are known as psychics. They are those who can connect with your psychic energy. Doing that enables them to understand your life with an objective perspective. They analyze the things that occurred in your past and those happening with you presently. Afterward, they combine that knowledge with their psychic abilities and offer you a glimpse into your future.

That was some information about psychics. Moving on, let us understand how they are different from other people. While there is no clear definition of a psychic, they incline themselves towards understanding the mind and soul much more deeply than others. They may also be understood as people who deal with phenomena beyond logical and scientific understanding, such as metaphysics.

Moving on to the next question, how do you find a person with psychic abilities? Well, you may find one around your neighborhood if you are lucky. But, if you are not so fortunate, you may face difficulties finding one. In earlier times when there was not much present technology, finding real psychics may have proven difficult. That is so because then, there was not one psychic portal to who you could refer. But today, things have changed considerably. Presently, there is not one psychic network(s) on the internet, but many. Each psychic portal claims to have countless experienced psychics.

Now you know where to find one. Yet, it would be much early if we finished here. Due to the availability and ease of access to internet services, countless psychic websites are present online. It would be wrongful on our part if we said that all such psychic sites are genuine. Nowadays, anyone can easily access technological aids and create a website for themselves. So, it is not far-fetched to find unreliable psychic websites on the internet.

So, we must move on to the next question: the reliability of psychic sites. It would take several years to check which psychic network(s) have experienced psychics. And even if you spent so many years testing each psychic website, you still may not analyze the capabilities of all psychics. In such cases, when it is not feasible to do something on your own, it is best to rely on others or ask for help.

We wish to help you find the best in the psychic industry in this article. We researched extensively to find top-rated psychics. The following four websites appealed to us the most out of all psychic readings websites. Read about the websites in this article to judge those for yourselves.

The Most Accurate Psychic Readings Websites Of 2022

Online Psychics

Offers And Features


  • Bestows three minutes of the psychic readings session on new users for free.
  • New users may benefit from the 70% discount on some readings.
  • Both Android and iOS users can enjoy psychic readings on their phones.
  • As per testimonies from regular users, they provide comprehensive and excellent psychic love readings.

Psychic Source

  • They provide you with the first three minutes of any psychic readings session free of cost.
  • You can claim any psychic readings session at a 75% discount as a first-time user.
  • They boast of the most skilled and professional psychics.
  • They offer daily horoscope readings for you. You can get it in your email by subscribing to their horoscope feature.


  • When you visit Mysticsense for the first time, you can enjoy the first five minutes of any psychic reading session at zero cost.
  • The offer of free five minutes is valid for each psychic on the website.
  • You can claim psychic readings of various kinds on this psychic portal.
  • They make your psychic readings sessions safe with their 100% money-back guarantee. You can avail yourself of this offer when you are not satisfied with their psychic readings.

California Psychics

  • Countless people consider their psychic readings accurate and to the point.
  • Their psychic readings sessions begin at the minimal price of $1.
  • They provide their first-time visitors with the initial five minutes of any psychic session for free. Use the code ADD5 to claim the offer.
  • The benefits do not stop once the first five minutes are over for the first-time visitor. They can still enjoy the later period of any session at an 80% discount. Again, the users have to use the code ADD5 for the offer.
  • You face no difficulty in browsing their psychics to find a relatable one. Their filtering tool makes it as simple as it gets.

We shall now proceed with a detailed description of each of the four highly helpful psychic services one by one.

#1. Kasamba: One of The Most Renowned and Visited Psychic Platform


Kasamba is one of the most known psychic websites on the web. They have made it possible through their unrelenting efforts to help their clients. Not only that, but it also appears as one of the top results when you search “psychics near me”. And you know that Google and other search engines would not show anything at the top of their search results if it is irrelevant.

That justifies the acclaim Kasamba has garnered worldwide. Let us now head towards knowing more about the psychic portal. What is the first question that strikes your mind when you want to know more about Kasamba? If the question is, “When did Kasamba first begin giving psychic readings?” then we are on the same track.

It was 1999 when Kasamba first established itself as a psychic reading platform. What’s more, their offers are such that they won the hearts of their clients in no time. With several free psychic readings and offers like some free minutes of the reading session and discounted price for the remaining session, they became a leading psychic readings platform.

Psychic readings is not something to learn in a day or two. It takes much experience to assess your life problems and offer meaningful solutions. Although, it would be wrong to assume that only experienced psychics can help you. Some people have psychic abilities without practicing psychic art. Those people are some of the rarest psychics who naturally have that talent. Otherwise, people hone the art through repeated readings to become expert psychics. Now you can understand how much the psychics at Kasamba would have trained themselves to keep up the good name of the platform.

And it has been more than twenty years since their inception. So, it is safe to assume that all their team members are experienced psychics. We do not say it without proof. We have evidence of their competence. What is that proof? Kasamba has helped more than four million people from various parts of the world. And those people have come back to Kasamba with their problems for precise solutions. That is the bond that Kasamba psychics have formed with their customers. The good help they receive from Kasamba compels them to ask for their help whenever they need it. It is utter confidence in those reliable psychic predictions that people can accept their solutions.

Having heard so much about Kasamba, you would want to know about the topics for which they can help you, right? If we begin to talk about those topics, we would probably spend the entire time at it. Why so? It is because they can help you with any situation. Be it the difficulty of expressing your love, a solution to a financial dilemma, or any such challenging question, Kasamba can provide you with expert guidance.

No problem is so big that they cannot help you. However, Kasmaba asks that you have faith in them. After all, psychic readings have much to do with faith! Indeed, if you do not have faith in your psychic, even the seemingly appealing solutions can sound untrue. So, you must believe. But, they would never turn you down even if you found their psychic solutions a bit vague. You can ask them for a clearer solution, and we are sure that they would prove helpful.

What Are the Good Points About Kasamba?

  • The experience of more than two decades is one of their strongest assets.
  • They allow you to claim your money if their psychic readings do not appeal to you.
  • Their review section reflects on the positivity they have shared with the world.
  • They specialize in diverse psychic fields, such as numerology, tarot reading, astrology, and many more.
  • They always keep your information secure at all costs. Not even the other psychics or the management team knows about the information exchanged between you and a chosen psychic.
  • It does not matter if your problems are related to business, personal life, etc.; you are bound to find a relevant psychic solution.
  • They enable the new clients to first know them by giving them 50% off on psychic reading sessions.

What Are the Bad Points About Kasamba?

  • They provide their customers with a mobile app for easy access to their psychic services. However, only those with subscription to their mobile services may access the app.

To some things for this platform, Kasamba is undoubtedly one of the best and most reliable psychic readings platforms. With psychic help for any problem, great offers and discounts, money-back guarantee, you cannot keep yourself from trying them once, can you?

Try Kasamba and find what makes them a leading name amongst the psychic reading platforms.

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#2. Psychic Source: A Platform Providing Peace to You and Your Loved Ones


Psychic Source is another one of the top online psychic readings platforms. It appears amongst the top results when you Google “psychics near me”. The greatest factor differentiating the platforms from others is that it is more than thirty years old! Yes, that is what it is, a platform offering psychic help for over three decades. If we go into specifics, it was 1989 that they set foot in the psychic industry.

The platform is known to have the humblest and expert psychics. Each psychic at Psychic Source has undergone the necessary mental and professional training to offer you the highest quality psychic help. They have specific certificates that testify to their hard work.

We know that serious problems can occur at any time. These problems may require immediate solutions. For example, you could get a job offer and have doubts about accepting it. It is a situation requiring urgent action. And if you do not have a close friend to help you make the right decision, you could lose the opportunity. Psychic Source understands the point well. That is why their psychics are available to help you whenever you want it.

If we were to talk about the categories about which they can help you, it would again be a long talk. They cover several topics concerning psychics. Although we cannot put each of those topics here, it would help list a few. Some areas for which you can seek help are relationship advice, career advice, help related to family issues, tarot reading, and others.

Let us now talk about how Psychic Source recruit’s psychics. Only by fulfilling a long list of rules and regulations can a psychic associate with this platform. Those rules and guidelines are not without purpose. It is to ensure that when you contact their psychics for psychic advice, you get the finest help.

That was some information about the recruitment procedure for Psychic Source. We shall now move towards knowing more about the psychics on this platform. They have several skilled psychic readers ready to help you at any given time. They are skilled at all psychic readings and have experienced reading for countless people. The psychics here can help you make decisions, no matter how difficult and conflicting the situation may seem. You only have to trust them, and they will ensure that your life takes a turn for the better.

What Are the Good Points About Psychic Source?

  • One of the greatest factors validating the authenticity and competence of Psychic Source is its experience. That is expected when they have been in the psychic industry for more than three decades!
  • You can find a psychic particularly specializing in your area of problems. You can do so by filtering the psychics on the website by reading styles. You may also use the filters to sort the psychics by price, experience, place, medium of reading like chat, video, etc.
  • They offer psychic help for diverse situations. You can ask for their help for matters related to finance, love, family, future planning, amongst others.
  • The platform offers readings starting from $1 only.
  • They have invested heavily in developing an app for iOS and Android users. It helps make things easier because you do not limit yourself to using a desktop computer. You can easily consult with them on your phone.
  • It is great for new users to avail themselves of any psychic readings at a 70% discount for their first session.
  • They take all measures to ensure that your private information stays with your psychic reader only.
  • They go beyond effort and perseverance in their psychic help to help you get by with hard times.

What Are the Bad Points About Psychic Source?

  • While there is not much for Psychic Source to improve, there is inconsistent pricing to its psychic readings services. It means that some readers offer their services at high rates compared to other readers on the platform.

Psychic Source provides excellent psychic readings. It also covers several psychic readings areas like tarot reading, horoscope, cartomancy, angel card reading, and numerology readings. They also specialize in love psychics, clairaudients, clairvoyants, etc. Considering all factors, Psychic Source proves a worthy online psychic readings platform.

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#3. Mysticsense: One of The Best Places to Find Real Psychics


Psychic readings has begun to appeal to an increasing number of people. It is not surprising because psychics have helped so many people fulfill their dreams with their help. They have also assisted people in making challenging decisions leading to success, forging stronger bonds with people they love, etc.

Such reasons are why many people trust real psychics with personal information. But, that is also a reason to be wary of who you tell about yourself. Since there has been a surge in demand for psychic readings, many people have started psychic sites hoping to con people and make easy money.

While you mustn’t disclose any confidential information to such websites, you can trust the famous psychics at Mysticsense. The platform has shown excellent talent in psychic readings of every kind. You can claim the psychic help you want on the platform, be it horoscope, tarot reading, energy healing, or psychic medium readings. Name it, and it will be before you.

Mysticsense is an excellent online psychic platform. One of the top factors that make us say it is the ease of surfing the website. They have several parameters that make it convenient to find the best psychics.

Let us see which parameters you can use to filter the psychics.

  • Pricing

    The most basic parameter is pricing. You can filter the psychics in increasing or decreasing order of the cost of the reading service. You may use the tool to pick a psychic you would like to engage with based on your budget.

  • Availability

    It allows you to search for psychics based on their status at the moment: offline, online, or busy. It enables you to see if any of your favorite psychics are free at the moment. If not, you can know as soon as they can give you a reading session.

  • Special Tags

    It is a unique filter. It has categories, such as top-rated, very popular, rising talent, newly joined, and staff pick. Making these categories is only one of those innovative methods that make the website a fun place to browse.

  • Specialties

    This filter enables you to choose based on the psychic specialization that would help you. It has many categories, such as angel/oracle cards, astrology, auras, cartomancy, chakras, and counseling. The categorizations do not finish here. Other categories include dream interpretation, crystal reading, life coaching, meditation, numerology, past lives interpretation, pendulum/dowsing, holistic healing/reiki, runes, crystal, and tarot.

  • Reading Style

    The filter may not sound what it is. This filter enables you to choose a psychic based on a one-word assessment of a psychic readings session. It has the following categories: compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful, and wise. It might have been very thoughtful of Mysticsense to create this filter. You can use the experience of other clients and decide which one would suit you.

That was it about the filter tool. Another feature that makes Mysticsense one of the top picks is a section dedicated to articles and media. It is a great place that helps new readers and frequent visitors understand how they can use psychic sense and put it to use in daily life. They have articles that tell you the significance of things occurring in your daily life. An example can help understand better. One of their blogs discusses the significance of spotting a dragonfly frequently. It also discusses if seeing dragonflies is a good or bad thing.

That is not everything about their articles section. A filtering option is also available here. The different categories on this page are astrology, love and relationships, spirituality, tarot and oracle cards, psychic readings, career and life direction, and psychology.

Mysticsense is another online psychic platform that offers horoscope readings. As per their psychic experts and even scientists, no planet, star, or any other celestial object stays in one position. And as the position of these celestial objects changes, their influence on you and your energy changes. What’s more, the change in their positions affects everybody around you.

So, things can change for better or worse depending on these positions. If this causes you to worry, you can say goodbye to your anxieties. The psychics at Mysticsense have profound knowledge of interpreting those movements. Their knowledge and accurate interpretations can give you a precise horoscope reading. You can use it to counter any ill-effects of your planets and heighten the good effects.

Their customer service works round the clock to resolve your issues. If you feel that your psychic session was not worth it, you could contact them any time.

What Are The Good Things About Mysticsense?

  • Some of the best psychic readings at Mysticsense are a click away.
  • Daily horoscope readings can help plan the day for maximum benefit.
  • Dedicated customer support makes things easier when you give feedback and ask for a better service.
  • Easily find the psychic you prefer using their in-depth filter tool.

What Are The Bad Things About Mysticsense?

  • They have not developed a mobile app for their services yet. Only their website can provide you with help from its famous psychics.

In the final words, Mysticsense has much to offer as a good psychic platform. With psychic readings of all types, it is an excellent platform.

⇒ Visit the official website of Mysticsense

#4. California Psychics : One of The Greatest Platforms To Offer Reliable Psychic Predictions


It is another leading name when one talks about a good psychic readings service. When you Google “psychic reading near me”, you would see California Psychics amongst the top results. They offer several local psychics near you on their website.

It is not that they provide psychic prediction from a local psychic only. It is a platform that provides some of the best psychic readings online because they have expert psychics from nearly all places on earth. That adds to the ease of communicating with their psychics. It is so because you will not have to limit yourself to any particular language like English. Having top rated psychics from different places, California Psychics can help you in many languages.

Are you curious about when they began their psychic website? Well, so were we when we started reviewing the platform. And it strengthened our faith in California Psychics when we came to know about its year of inception. They began providing psychic predictions in 1995. So, they have the experience of more than two and a half decades under their belt! It is most probably this experience that makes people turn toward California Psychics when they want to meet an authentic psychic.

When you visit their website, you can find a relevant psychic prediction in no time. California Psychics makes it possible through the ease of browsing the site. On their homepage, you can filter psychics based on six relevant categories. The categories are love, tarot, career, clairvoyant, medium, and life path.

Unlike other psychic platforms, California Psychics has a special section called Karma Rewards. This section allows them to engage with their customers profoundly. Once you sign up for Karma rewards, you can access special deals, such as a $20 credit for signing up, a detailed birth chart at no additional cost, etc. You also get points whenever you purchase on the platform with Karma rewards.

They also help you with horoscope readings. One of the good things about these readings is that you can have various horoscope readings. Allow us to list those here: weekend horoscope, daily horoscope, monthly horoscope, weekly love horoscope, monthly money horoscope, yearly horoscope, and birthday horoscope.

You can know their thoughts on psychics and related things in their blog section. The section is divided into multiple categories to help you find the blog you want to read easily.

They help you find the perfect psychic help with their phone psychics. While chat has advantages when you want to explain your queries with greater accuracy, phone psychic readings are equally helpful. A phone psychic enables you to establish a more profound relationship with them. And the better you understand and relate to your psychic, the better the reading session.

What Are the Good Points About California Psychics?

  • Nearly three decades of experience make California Psychics the ideal platform to find a good psychic.
  • You may find cheap psychic readings on this platform.
  • Their psychics are some of the most excellent love psychics. You might find a good partner through their psychic love reading.
  • With a helpful mobile app, you can enjoy a great psychic readings session with their chat psychics.

What Are the Bad Points About California Psychics?

  • California Psychics does not provide video psychic readings. It is one of the limiting factors of the platform.

All in all, California Psychics is one of our favorite psychic readings platforms. With experience and dedication, they maintain a good psychic reading service. Contact the live psychics available at any point at California Psychics.

To conclude the article, we would say that all the websites reviewed here are pioneers in the art of psychic readings. When we talk about psychics, it is crucial to have faith in the psychics to help you best. Also, if you are open to the conversation during a psychic readings session, you can experience a great session!

⇒ Visit the official website of California Psychics


1. Can I put my faith into psychic readings online? How reliable are they?

Yes, you surely can. You might as well find some of the best psychic readings online. With technological advances, everything is available on the internet. And psychic readings are no different. While earlier people had to locate a psychic near them, they do not have to take such pains now. They can find the best psychics on dedicated websites. Four such websites have been reviewed in this article.

However, not all psychic websites on the internet are trustworthy. Many people create such platforms online and deceive people. It is crucial to be vigilant of such fake websites.

2. When did psychic reading as an art begin? Has it begun recently?

No, it has not begun anytime soon. Psychic reading has been around for as long as the stars. Psychic art has always attracted people. It was there in medieval times and even before that.

However, the means of psychic readings have changed and evolved with time. Previously, people had limited options about psychic readings. But now, there are countless options available, such as pendulum readings and more.

While people could only seek a local psychic previously, the internet has done away with all such restrictions. Nowadays, you can seek psychic help from your home.

3. How can I get the most reliable psychic readings? Is it through phone, chat, video, or in-person?

Well, no method can be considered the best. It depends on how you want to proceed with the reading. For instance, if you live in an area with no local psychics, it is best to rely on online psychics.

Yet, you could be one who does not feel comfortable with online psychic reading. If so, you can always count on a local psychic. You can find reliable local psychics on the platforms we have reviewed previously.

You might as well consider some other factors to receive the best psychic reading. For example, if you do not have much time to devote to a live psychic readings, you can consider chat psychics or phone psychics.

4. Which is the best psychic readings website?

It is a tricky question to answer. No one website is the best. However, multiple websites, like the four we have written about here, provide the best psychic readings.

All these websites have their plus points and negative points. Some specialize in providing the most compelling offers, while others provide the best customer service. And they are continually evolving to better their psychic platforms to help you better.

Besides, it is a subjective question. The psychic platform you find best may not be much relevant for another. So, it is best to try these platforms and assess their services firsthand. Yet, we can assure you of one thing; that is, you would find perfect psychic assistance on all these platforms.

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Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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